Testimonials – kind words from my readers

Angela Thompson Had a rough day but your beautiful words lifted my spirits and transported me to a happier place. Can’t wait for your next update…!

Barbara Salmon Sounds wonderful and your description captivating … you should be writing a travel blog as I already want to be there … enjoy your amazing trip

Sandie Cottee Wow!! Beautify written and described, I was with you all the way. What a magical trip, I think this will stay with you for a long time. I am SO enjoying being there with you Hilary. It makes me want to book my own retreat at Ananda. You have made it magical…

…What a magical time you have had. Thank you for sharing this so beautifully, I feel like I have been with you.

Lesley Walker Thanks for writing in so much detail – I am really enjoying reading your posts as I have never been to India either or Nepal. The whole experience sounds wonderful – bliss!

Dawn Wigley A wonderful account Hilary. I think you should stay forever and provide us with uplifting thoughts for the day from a magical place far, far away

Jacki Moon Another interesting read Hilary XX

Jude Burt Another fantastic piece – I am going to miss these! So glad you shared this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience with your readers. Thank-you xx

Kae Skinner Sera Fabulous post Hillary – looking forward to the next one xxx

Irene Brankin Loved this in the way you give opportunity to catch up with your incredible informative blogs – thank you xx…..Coming from Glasgow, I resonated with what you wrote in your first paragraph. Thank you for sharing about what this lovely County actually has to offer x

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