Having now left the comfort of my beloved historic sailing barge, I am rediscovering my emerald homeland in my Nissan van Nancy (aka Nan the Van). As ever, I am accompanied by my furry companion Ellie, the cairn terrierist.

I continue to pursue health through Nature, choosing an alternative lifestyle, consuming ethically and travelling responsibly. Care of the environment, both locally and globally, is dear to my heart. I write from the heart, to engage your soul and show an insider’s view of Ireland.

My writing career began when, as a stay-at-home mum, I rediscovered my best subject at school and began writing for pleasure. Involvement in my home community soon led to my weekly submission to a local newspaper, which developed into my own regular column. This was swiftly augmented by regular paid publication of a wide range of articles in National and International magazines, in the pre-internet media world. Subjects included such diverse topics as Home Renovation and Restoration, Pets and Children in Church!

Since those early days, my career has called for me to submit textual content for site interpretation boards, leaflets, newsletters, web pages and social media. If you need any of these for your business, but your time and talent belong elsewhere, please contact me for my writing skills and general willingness to help.

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