Boating with Buster – a review

Boating with Buster is a simple title for what turns out to be an inspirational tale. In her debut book, Alison Alderton has cleverly interwoven, not just a travelogue, but a tender love story of courageous humans, a pretty little barge and one very special pet.IMG_6099.JPG

This three-part journey navigates from the established waterways of the English canals, via the calm waters of rural Ireland, to the journey of a lifetime through Europe. Alison weaves her heart-warming memories of Buster the Beagle into an insightful picture of life on the water and all the colourful episodes that come with it. Throughout, this is illustrated beautifully by Alison’s own accomplished photography.SH IMGP8662 Schwein.JPG

Fans of boats, dogs or epic journeys will naturally love the subject matter but this heart-warming and very personal story will engage anyone interested in the human condition. It’s all here – life, love, ups and downs, tragedy and comedy, with a liberal smattering of the characters one meets along the way.

Lily and “The Admiral” are characters to fall in love with. They would lend themselves to many a work of fiction. However, as this adventure shows, life needs no embroidering and the reader will need no encouragement to wander these waters from cover to cover.

01 Buster and Alison in the UK.jpg


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ISBN: 9781789014389

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