Five Highs and Lows of Going Freelance: 30 Days Blogging Review

The Selfie Generation has spawned a blogging frenzy, that infects Social Media on all its platforms. Business coaching abounds and lifestyle commentators loudly promote their latest commission piece. For years, I have longed to listen to my heart and return to regular writing but baulked at what felt to me like self-gratification. It took an unexpected prize holiday in India to give me the shove I needed to take the proverbial plunge. A week of travel blogging left me with the sense, and encouragement of friends, that I should not park my keyboard. So here I am with 30 days of blogging catalogued!

Statistics have always presented the answers or opinions of the presenter, in my experience. So, in order to find some indication of what had worked and what had rolled like a tumbleweed down the dusty internet highway, I cautiously interrogated the statistics of my WordPress pages. Should I be guided by what turned out my Number One post, got most views, most comments or highest likes on Facebook?

Those in the know, have warned me before of Facebook’s contrariness with what it decides to share widely and what to discreetly ignore. Why is it that some posts rise to greatness whilst others sink without trace? All the mysteries, to me at least, of the workings of social media platforms, conspire to confuse the figures and skew the conclusions. So, those “facts” that are drawn from this basic interrogation will be a loose guideline for any future course of action.

1. My childhood favourite, children’s book writer and illustrator Beatrix Potter, was top of my pops. ( Posted at noon on a Wednesday, gaining 131 blog views, could this be my magic formula for heady success? Maybe not entirely, as it only gained two likes on Facebook! It also didn’t come under my most clicked on t themesof Lifestyle, Travel or Health&Wellbeing.

2. So perhaps the Number Two on my chart has the answer. Ticking the Top Topics box, and achieving most likes on FB, asking “Is Barge Life for You?” obviously struck a chord with many on WordPress and on Facebook.

3. Infographics have always been a very visual approach to presentation, so my initiation into software helping me to create my own has made my newest toy. My virginal experiment resulted in the third of my chart-toppers and enabled me to broadcast some shocking data about women’s homelessness in the UK.

4.Sticking with the homes and lifestyle agenda, the blog which drew most comment was one on Tiny Homes,,  and No.6 in the listings, with my thoughts on Working to Live attracting almost as many readers’ thoughts.

5. So what about the ones that bombed? I guess this showed me to be the Treehugger I have been called for years! Perhaps Responsible Travel is too much to ask of most, in our rush to travel the world, get a cheap deal and experience everything as “Tripadvised”?

As for pleasure? It has been all mine, I am sure. I have learnt so much in this last month – what to take the time to read, what to ignore, how much I can get done, (or not on some days) and how unpredictable this journey has turned out to be. I have been privileged to make new friends, connected with like minds, and thankfully gain new clients, all through my adventure in blogging. I now have a portfolio to display my style, testimonials to endorse me, and an affirmation that I made the right choice.

If you are toying with taking the plunge into the blogging pool – go for it? What have you to lose? For anyone who may have enjoyed the journey with me, thank you so much for your support… and please share your favourites, or even become one of my first reblogs! The cheque is in the post 😉

2 thoughts on “Five Highs and Lows of Going Freelance: 30 Days Blogging Review

  1. I’ve just started my own travel blog, and I had the same concerns as you. So many people writing the same crap, 10 things to do here, 8 Must-Dos there. But, it’s not just another travel blog. I hope you keep writing about Treehugging and Responsible Travel!


    1. Aw thank you so much Marisa. You are so right – while well meaning, all these advisors telling us how to be great give the same formulas, resulting in so much of the same old **** ;)Good luck with your blog, I’ll look forward to reading it. Xx


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