That Friday Feeling – on a Monday?


Friday is our favourite F-word! TGIF, Living for the Weekend, Black Friday, even Friday Night is Music Night – anyone who works a nine-to-five, Monday to Friday existence longs for the weekend. Social media goes crazy with memes and GIF s, suitably doctored with a happy slogan. So, what about the other six days of the week?
I’d like to propose that one day in seven is not enough, for any of us. Let’s look at how we can get that Friday Feeling any, or even every, day of the week. It’s not that difficult – really! Here are some suggestions to help you out:

Let go

Stress, worry and anxiety are destructive to your whole being. If the cause is beyond your control set it aside, if you can change it, go ahead. Relax, meditate, de-stress in whatever way suits you, but give your chattering mind a rest.

Make plans

Having something to look forward to, a day out, a special treat, meeting up with someone whose company you enjoy, all these give you a positive focus, no matter what the day is like and helps deliver a coping mechanism for the difficult days.

Get out

Fresh air and daylight, and sunshine if you’re lucky can boost your body, mind and sense of well-being. Good health is key to that Friday Feeling, so look after yours by stepping into the great outdoors whenever you can.


I know everyone is nagging us to exercise, but find something you enjoy and stick with it – yoga, walking, working out, whatever is your thing it will boost your endorphins and make you shine.

Do something that makes you (and maybe others) happy.

Cook, draw, dance around your house; having fun isn’t only allowed on the weekends you know.

Make sweet music 

If you can play an instrument, make time to play, if you can’t, then listen to someone else. Playing your favourite tracks, on your personal device, in the car or while you tackle the ironing, will bring a smile to your face.

Tick off that list

Set a goal, or a short to-do list for the day and tick it off as you go. Make this manageable, don’t bite off more than you can chew and enjoy the satisfaction of having completed a project, part of one or at least making a start.

Treat yourself

Going to a favourite place, Retail Therapy, that naughty chocolate bar or a well-earned pint, whatever your longed-for treat may be, be good to yourself at least once a week.
Now I know this is a light-hearted take on life and some weeks are going to be tougher than others. But take it from one who knows, whatever phase of life you are going through, the difficult stuff will pass and soon you’ll be looking back at it and thanking your stars you’ve made it. No matter what day of the week or month you find yourself in, just remember the F-word, these tips and smile.

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