Homelessness – could it happen to you?

In my half century, I have lived in 23 homes. From “bijou” bedsit, through flats of various degrees of baseness, to houses that I loved and left and finally my floating haven, I have been blessed with always having been able to close my own door on the world, cook food to eat and sleep safe in a comfortable bed. Though life has had its ups and down, I feel truly thankful for all my homes.

As I travel nowadays, both abroad and nearer home, I am increasingly aware of the growing number of homeless people on the streets. Every one of them is someone’s child and has a story to tell. Recent headlines sensationally screamed that the average UK household is just one month’s salary away from homelessness. None of us can ignore this growing crisis for humanity, particularly my fellow women. The few shocking figures in my infographic spell out why.

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