The Best of Hilary Hunter (Writer): Blogging Challenge Week One

Well folks, I’ve survived over a week of my daily blogging challenge!

 My recent adventure in India prompted me to revisit my forgotten passion for writing. I found the daily sharing of my incredible experiences out there grounding. In a way, I felt it was a way of “earning” what had been a gilded windfall, an unexpected trip of a lifetime. To return and simply stop felt wrong, so with encouragement and support from my friends, I am listening to my heart and planning to continue writing from the sanctuary of my beautiful floating workplace. 

Of course, as most of my previous published scribbles were pre-internet publications or in employer’s archives, I must start from scratch. To build a portfolio, showcasing my style, I shall continue to blog on a variety of subjects which I hope will interest at least a few of you. If you’ve missed my scribbles and have a few minutes spare for curiosity, this is what you may have missed: 

1.    My Indian adventure begins here; a week of blogs ensued:-

2.    Returning home,the 30-day blogging challenge began with a philosophical reflection of life:

3.    Day Two and I chose my adopted home county of Essex for appraisal:

4.    My love of gardens was a Spring-like theme to retreat to on Day Three:

5.    Wellbeing is a popular topic with many, so I added my penny’s worth on Day Four:

6.    Day 5 fell on a sabbath, but no rest for me:

7.    Having survived to Day Six, I felt like a winner:

8.    My demanding feline companions prompted the end of the week’s offering:

9.    Yesterday’s thoughts offered a history lesson:

 Thank you so much if you have been jogging along with me, and for your support and kind comments. If you’d like to follow more posts, do feel free to follow me on WordPress or social media. Sharing with your pals may even get me some work 😉

 Here’s to the rest of the challenge!

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