Are you a winner in life? 3 Simple rules to live by for that Champion feeling.

I am ever the optimist, despite life’s rough and tumble, so as such I enter prize draws whenever I stumble across them and have been known to buy the occasional lottery ticket. Until recently, this positive outlook has been rewarded with an occasional bottle of barely drinkable wine or post-Christmas chocolates – oh, and I must not forget a plastic watering can!

So, imagine my shock a few months ago, when I glanced at my emails, to see the headline “You have won”. Sceptically suspecting a scam, I read on of my success in an online prize draw. I had a very vague recollection of typing my email address into a website I was perusing, thinking how nice it would be to win such a prize. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe someone like me actually won anything like this.

My prize, a seven-night stay in a yoga spa in the Himalayan foothills, with flights, is something I have often thought would be pleasant and would do me and my partner so much good. However, our meagre budget and holiday allowance generally confined us to something a lot less self-indulgent. As we were chauffeured into the world class retreat, a few weeks ago, I felt I should pinch myself as it all seemed so unreal.

This gilded windfall was unprecedented and unheard of amongst anyone I know. Most, hearing of my good fortune have vowed to take these competitions a little more seriously. So, as I reflect on my golden memories, I ponder on how we can all be winners, even if that lucky prize doesn’t come our way. Here I would like to share a few of my personal creeds which may help you feel like a winner:

·         Healthy – health is the number one blessing in life. Without it things are much tougher. Look after your health with a balanced diet (that includes some naughty-but-nice) and a healthy lifestyle including regular outdoor exercise and good sleep to rest body and mind.

·         Wealthy– we cannot all win the lottery or be millionaires, so live simply. The simple life means focussing on what is a want or a need. Living within your means does not mean you cannot live life to the full.

·         Wise – never stop learning. Use your ears and mouth in the right ratio, 2:1. Do not worry about that which cannot be changed, and change what feels wrong. Try new things, learn from mistakes and be kind to others and yourself. Be grateful for everything you have.

I know this mantra may seem over simplistic to some struggling in an ever-stressful society. It will not suit everyone or cure everyone’s problems. What it is purely, is a good place for those that it resonates with to start to feel better. We cannot all win prizes, but we can all be a winner.

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